Picasse for the road

Need help on the go?

Luckily, Picasse travels with you.

As a driver, you experience all kinds of things. Nice things, but also annoying things like aggression, robberies and breakdowns. With Picasse, you can always raise the alarm in difficult situations so that you are not alone.

Picasse also helps:

Our solution

Driver raises alarm

At a remote bus stop, a boy steps in with a can of beer. When the driver speaks to him, he spits him in the face and starts swearing. The driver presses the alarm button.

Head office takes action

The head office receives the alarm and sees exactly where the alarm was triggered. They hear what's going on on the bus, and they immediately alert the police.

Quick help

Within 10 minutes, the police arrives on scene. They take the aggressive passenger to the station to cool down and the driver can continue his ride.