Attendance registration module

Within the Picasse system for urgent communication, presence registration can be used. This is an additional module that can be turned on if desired. Contact your picasse contact person for more information about this functionality.

The Picasse attendance registration works by.m geofencing. This is a feature in the operating system of Android and iOS smartphones where the phone can determine its location by.m means of a combination of Wi-Fi, GSM and GPS.

When you use attendance registration, you can set up a geofence in the Picasse management tool ( (see example at the end of this document) for one or more locations. These locations are then passed on to the Picasse app on the smartphone of the first responders and the app will then pass on each “entrance” and “exit” to the central system, making you present/absent. This system has been deliberately chosen for battery consumption.m because a battery consumption such as e.g. Flitsmeister is not desirable and workable. The battery consumption of the Picasse app is 1 to 2% relative and therefore hardly noticeable as a user.

Benefits of attendance registration

In the near future, this will be extended to include:

Attendance registration supplies

Example Geofence

geofence example