Picasse helps make the mental health system safer

Communicating in a dynamic environment

Many changes are taking place in the mental health system. More and more outpatient and external professionals are working and more and more patients are using outpatient care. How do you ensure that outpatient staff at different locations can quickly seek help and be informed quickly if needed?

Picasse helps mental health institutions to ensure the efficient safety of its care workers and clients. Get help quickly and inform everyone. Wherever you are.

  • Help and be helped by downloading an app;
  • When you’re there, you’re automatically available to help;
  • Quickly ask the nearest colleague for help;
  • Clients can also seek help at the touch of a mobile button;
  • Call automatically if you fall or lie still for a long time;
  • You know what’s going on, even in the event of a fire.

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