Picasse helps ensure safety of enforcers

Our platform offers an integrated approach to assistance and enforcement. We use apps, personal emergency buttons (with drop, and silence alarms) and additional integrations that allow enforcers to quickly call for help in case of an emergency, and to connect with colleagues and control rooms.

  • Quickly alert groups based on location and availability;
  • Direct consultation – apps with radio functionality for direct contact with the control room and colleagues;
  • Discreet listening to incidents so that a good assessment of situations can be made;
  • Continuous insight into response and incident handling and availability and accessibility of enforcers;
  • Be sure that notifications always come in using different channels (internet, sms, phone);
  • Efficient use of (escalation) scenarios;
  • Cost savings by using existing resources;
  • Securely informed: We instantly display essential information for notifications on your mobile phone.

Are you already a Picasse customer for, for example, business assistance? Then we can easily set up your system so that you can also help your enforcers.

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