Aggression in education

Education is under stress. Teachers and student desks are increasingly confronted with situations where discussions with hopped-up Red Bull students are running high. Not to mention their parents who always take the side of their children. Sometimes even unsafe situations arise for the employees. At Picasse we have a solution with which they can continue to do their work with peace of mind.

Aggression in education. How do you deal with that as an employee? Of course, you prefer to solve problems at the base. You do your best to avoid anger and frustration, but that is not always possible. The pressure on pupils and students has increased considerably in recent years. They are being prepared for the performance-oriented society in which it is quite common to take out loans and punishpoor performance. No wonder tensions sometimes run high.

Emotions are emotions. Most people who go crazy later regret it. At the moment, however, there is not much use for it. Then it’s very threatening and stressful for everyone involved. How do you deal with a situation like this? Call security? Always have a conversation with at least two tutors? Many articles have been written about de-escalation and preventing aggression, but in practice it all starts with communication and trust. Trust your colleagues to keep an eye out and come to the rescue when you need to.

At Picasse we have developed the perfect solution for this. A silent alarm that allows you to discreetly alert close colleagues so you can do your job with a safe feeling.

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