In-house first responders call system

In-house first responders and aggression emergency responders call for incidents.

The Picasse system alerts emergency responders near the incident in a smart and convenient manner.

What it does

  • Always real-time insight into the presence of the number of emergency and aggression workers;
  • In the event of an emergency, the emergency workers present are alerted very quickly;
  • Improved attendance and response time of first responders.

Picasse makes sure you're prepared for any situation

You want to act as soon as possible if someone needs help. Leave as little as possible to chance. Picasse helps monitor an organization’s preparedness, help respond quickly, and provides the right information to provide help quickly and safely.


In order to respond, you need a ready organization. We continuously monitor whether there are enough people available to help.


The sooner an aid worker is informed, the less damage. We use mobile phones, pair with systems and offer various solutions to quickly seek help.


In order to work properly and safely, care workers need to be provided with the right information immediately. What is the nature of the request for help? What’s the severity? Where should I help? We provide emergency responders with the right information to respond quickly and safely.


Will the request for help be answered? We provide insight and we ensure that care workers can communicate with each other.

High turnout of aid workers

Overview of first responders present

Excellent support

Would you like to know more? Check out our special In-house Emergency Responders website,in which all In-house Emergency Responder (BHV) functionalities are highlighted.

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