Safety for organizations with at-home and flex workers.

Always ready through insight and automation.

For office environments with flex workers, it has become a challenge to keep up to date with the number of employees, visitors and emergency responders present at a location. With the help of the Picass presence registration, direct insight can be obtained from the reception or central control room. How many employees are present? Are there enough in-house emergency responders present in the event of a calamity? If necessary, picasse’s alarm system can preemptively send a warning message as soon as there is a shortage of emergency workers. For example, the Picasse system ensures that measures can be taken before the onset of emergencies.


Picasse helps with helping!

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Picasse helps with

Alert external visitors

With the help of the visitor registration module, external visitors can be alerted.

Wireless alarm buttons

Quickly alert the right emergency responders in case of an emergency. Ideal fo lone workers.

Seamless integration

Picasse works seamlessly with existing fire alarms and building management systems.

Real-time attendance registration

Always understand the number of employees and emergency responders present.