Efficient assistance and occupational safety for healthcare environments

Efficiently monitor occupational safety and deploy care staff optimally

In hospitals, general care institutions and mental health services, there are regular situations where safety is compromised. Picasse’s system can then reliably and quickly call in emergency responders.

Always the right people in the right place, at the right time

For management and executive care staff, it is a challenge to have the right amount of care workers available at the right time. With the help of the module presence registration you always know exactly how many emergency responders are present. This can be seen via the web application, the tablet at the reception/control room or if desired on the phone of employees or a presence screen. The Picasse alarm system can also send a warning message preventively as soon as there is a risk of a shortage of emergency responders.

Picasse realizes that a lot of care is also provided outside the healthcare authorities. For example, many care workers provide care at clients’ homes. These mobile health care providers can be equipped with a wireless alarm button. This button can be discreetly pressed for help, after which a voice connection is automatically set up so that the first responders can immediately hear what is happening. A message with the location is also sent so that the rescuers know where the incident is taking place. Of course, patients can also use these wireless alarm buttons.

Picasse helpt ontzorgen in ziekenhuizen

Picasse’ alarm system is also a very suitable communication platform for serious crisis management situations and ZiROP. Within seconds, large groups of doctors, nurses and other medical specialists can be called in. Calling first responders can take place manually, but also through scenarios that have been created in advance.

Picasse helps hospitals take care of it.

When every second counts, Picasse helps call in surgical teams and doctors. Sometimes someone is in mortal danger and sometimes it is a little less in a hurry. It’s always important that they get to the hospital soon.

Easy to call caregivers

Imagine, you’re sitting behind the counter and there’s an emergency coming in… With a few pushes of the button, Picasse calls the (surgeon), the anesthesiologist, an anaesthesia worker and two surgical assistants according to the correct protocol. They accept the call and you know right away they’re on their way. Would you like to consult with the team? No problem. We make sure that you can automatically talk to each other directly via teleconference or radio function.

Sometimes it happens that someone is unavailable or accessible. Picasse then automatically searches according to protocol for the first available colleague. This way you don’t have to look and as little time as possible is lost. Picasse also monitors the accessibility of the phones and immediately sends a message if colleagues are not reachable so you can take action quickly.

Convenience for caregivers

For the rescuers, Picasse is a godsend. You no longer have to go to the front desk to leave your phone number or pick up a pager. In our app you can indicate that you are available for service and the reception sees automatically know that you are ready to help.

Flawless implementation

Within health care institutions, it is important that all existing systems work closely together to provide everyone with the right information.

Specific functionalities and solutions for the health care sector

Nursing call and eavesdropping system

Via fixed and wireless connections with location tracking via WiFi and GPS.

Monitoring of incident reports

From mission-critical systems such as fire alarm plants (certification possible).

In-house emergency system and ZiROP call system

Text and voice messages on smart or DECT phones. Integration with PSI possible.

Outpatient care

Care phones with monitoring and notification.