A multifunctional alarm system for government organisations

The system for government agencies to communicate quickly with teams in case of incidents and calamities

The government has faced a large number of changes in recent years. Task packages are extensive, municipalities are merged and fixed workplaces often become flex spaces. As a result, more visitors and less fixed occupancy require a smart solution to anticipate incidents and calamities.

An efficient and structured alarm system

Although most government organizations have professionally developed contingency plans, Picasse’s alarm system can do this much more efficiently and reliably. In addition to the increase in the number of visitors to public institutions, flexible working hours have also become increasingly more common. To keep an overview of the number of in-house emergency responders present, the module presence registration can be used. This gives you insight into the number of employees and first responders present in a particular location. In the event of an emergency you can only alert the emergency workers present.

Central alarm system

With the help of our alarm tablet, incidents can be quickly acted on from a central location (e.g. reception). With a custom button interface and pre-programmed scenarios, any employee can easily alert. Even in case of great stress.

Bespoke scenarios

Picasse has a lot of experience in creating whole alarm scenarios that are very easy to operate in high-stress situations.

Specific functionalities and solutions for government agencies

Attendance registration

Real-time insight into the number of employees and in-house emergency responders present.

Links & Integrations

Integrates effortlessly with fire alarms, building management systems, elevators and more.

Automatic notifications

Stay informed about, for example, disturbances and temperature differences.

Always reachable

Never miss an alert because of empty or disabled radios or pagers.