Alarm panel

Below you will find information to help you use the Picasse alarm panel.

Place the Tablet System in a suitable place (often where the internal emergency number comes out) and connect it to the mains

  • It is important that Wi-Fi is always on and connected through a permanent account that does not change its password.
  • To be able to set up WiFi, the tablet must first be unlocked (the tablet is always on the sending screen so that it is ready for shipment).
  • To unlock go to “settings” at the top right, then to “unlock application”, then you will be asked for a password, this is 123456.
  • When this is done it is possible to swipe down and then the settings will be visible which can be adjusted. Under these “settings” the Wifi can be set.
  • With the button with the U-shaped arrow you can go back to the sending screen. We recommend that you then press “lock application” again so that the application is locked again and ready for an alarm.
  • In the unlikely event that the WiFi connection fails, the connection will be taken over by the SIM card in the tablet (this is a standard feature).

The Tablet System is equipped with a custom dashboard that is tailored to your organization. If things need to be adjusted, please contact the administrator within your organization.

Changes to the navigation buttons can only be made by Picasse. The administrator within a user organization can add additional people in a reception group.

Sending messages

To send a message, simply follow the navigation on the Tablet System.

Depending on the custom dashboard of your organization, the sender can choose a “Calamity” and then a “Location”.

An alarm message is then automatically composed and it is immediately visible to which group this alarm message is sent (whether or not filtered at a location so that only people present are called).

If the composed message still needs to be adjusted before sending, tap on the line where the message is located, the keyboard will then appear and the message can be changed or supplemented.

Press “send” and the message will be sent.

An overview of people who have received the message appears and the color and text show whether someone has accepted or declined.

Seeing presence

On the Tablet System it is possible to see who is currently present at the relevant company location(s).

Press the “Presence” button at the top.

Select the desired location in the drop down menu.

An overview of present employees appears on the screen.

Viewing the report

Previously made calls can be viewed on the tablet system in the following way: (even if they were sent by a system other than the Tablet system).

Press the “Report” button at the top.

Select a previously sent message in the drop down menu.

An overview of the message and the response of the called persons appears on the screen.

Manual sign off function

If there are people present at the location who should not be present. Then follow the next steps to manually sign out this person from this location.

  • Press “Presence”.
  • Press “Select a location” and choose the correct location.
  • Swipe from right to left on the person who needs to be logged out manually.
  • Press “Remove” on this person.

Resolving problems

The screen is and remains black

  • Check if the Tablet System has power
  • Check whether the Tablet System is “On” (the metal holder must be opened for this.

The tablet states “No connection”

  • Follow the steps as in “Prerequisites before starting” and set up Wi-Fi again.

I still have questions

Can't figure it out or have you experienced other problems when installing the Picasse app?

  • Contact your internal Picasse system administrator.
  • Send an email to the Picasse support department at:
  • Call the support department on the telephone number +31 88 742 2701.

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