Alarm Buttons

Below you will find information to help you use the Picasse alarm buttons.

Before you start…

  • Check if the button is complete. The following components must be available:

A lanyard for the button.

A charging station

A USB charging cable for the charging station

A USB adapter for the charging station

  • Make sure the battery is fully charged.

The red LED will remain lit when the button is fully charged.

Turning on the button

  • Press and hold the top side button for 1 second
  • Wait a few seconds for the button to boot.

The moment the button is turned on, all LEDs light up once and the button vibrates.

When placed in the charger, the button switches on automatically.

Call for help by pressing the SOS button

  • Press the SOS button for about 4 seconds.
  • To cancel the call, press the SOS button again within 10 seconds.

Call for help automatically when falling

  • Send a notification in the event of a fall.
  • To cancel the call, press the SOS button again within 10 seconds.
    Call for help when there is no movement

Send a notification by not moving the button.

  • Send a notification by not moving the button.
  • To cancel the call, press the SOS button again within 10 seconds.

Call on no movement only works if the button is not in the charger or connected to the mains.

How do I charge the button?

  • Place the button in the charger after use

The battery lasts about a day with normal use.

How do I receive a call on the button

You can be called on the button. You can answer the call by pressing the SOS button. The button then gives a bell sound signal.

How do I know if the button is connected to the network?

The green LED flashes 1x at 3 second intervals.

The device has a stable mobile signal on the GSM network.

The green LED flashes 2x at 3 second intervals.

The device is registered on the GSM network.

How do I know if the battery is charged?

The red LED is off or flashing slowly.

The device is charging.

The red LED flashes quickly.

The battery of the device is below 20%.

The red LED lights up continuously.

The device is fully charged.

Silent Buttons

Silent buttons are buttons that only vibrate. These buttons do not use the speaker.

When you receive a silent button and you alarm the button, the button will vibrate as usual, but without the loud voice message that goes off with a normal button.

How can I wear the button?

The button comes standard with a lanyard. A belt clip or wrist strap is also available.

How do I turn off the button?

Note: Only switch off the button in case of emergency!

  • First press the SOS button and after 1 second the top button on the side
  • Hold both buttons for about 12 seconds until you feel a vibration.

The button will vibrate again to confirm shutdown.

Resolving problems

The button is too sensitive

If the button goes off too quickly, contact your administrator.

The sensitivity (how quickly the button alarms when it drops) can be set from level 1 to 9, with 9 being the most sensitive. The sensitivity is now set to Level 5. If you want to have the sensitivity adjusted, please contact your administrator.

I still have questions

Can't figure it out or have you experienced other problems when installing the Picasse app?

  • Contact your internal Picasse system administrator.
  • Send an email to the Picasse support department at:
  • Call the support department on the telephone number +31 88 742 2701.

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