Transportation & Logistics

Need help on the road?
Picasse travels with you!

When you are on the road, it is essential that you can efficiently and easily take action in the event of an incident. As a driver, besides many fun things, you also experience unpleasant things, unfortunately. Things like aggression, robbery and breakdown on the road are not out of the question. Thanks to Picasse, you can always raise the alarm in difficult situations so you are not alone.

In fact, with Picasse, you have a:

  • 100% reliable system.
  • Easy and discreet alarm setting.
  • Central can listen in unnoticed.
  • Quick and targeted intervention in a variety of crisis situations.
  • Increased safety for the driver and passengers

Picasse helps unburden transportation and logistics organizations
When every second counts, Picasse helps call emergency response personnel and security guards. Sometimes it is urgent and other times it is purely for info. But in both cases, you want someone or a group to be informed efficiently and quickly.

To operate properly in the warehouse as on the road, the mobile persons are equipped with a wireless alarm button.

Because there is a lot of mobile work in the transportation and logistics industry, Picasse has a handy single-worker button. This button can be pressed discreetly for help after which a voice-listening connection is set up so the helpers can immediately hear what is going on. A message is also sent with location so emergency responders know where the incident is.

To discuss
Would you still like to consult with the team? No problem. We make sure you can automatically talk directly to each other via teleconference or walkie-talkie function.

Sometimes it does happen that someone is not available or reachable. Picasse then automatically searches for the first available colleague according to protocol. That way you don’t have to search and as little time is lost as possible. Picasse also monitors phone reachability and sends an instant message if colleagues are unreachable so you can take quick action.

Ensure safe travel
Make sure your staff is safe on the road, too, and contact Picasse today.

We're here for you

For questions about how the Picasse system works or if you want to know more about what Picasse can do for you. Feel free to contact us. We’re happy to help you.