Efficient emergency response and corporate safety in healthcare

Hospitals, nursing homes, retirement homes and mental health facilities are increasingly exposed to new and complex emergency communication challenges. One way or another, physicians, healthcare professionals, IT managers, facility managers, patients and visitors all rely on safe and reliable alert systems and emergency communications.

Healthcare organizations can use Picasse’s system to manage and control alerts coming in from different systems. Nursing staff with different roles and responsibilities can be easily organized and streamlined so that alerts are only sent to the right people. This helps teams respond faster, ignore irrelevant alerts and increase care efficiency. Picasse’s solution allows you to define different roles within your teams and send alerts securely and efficiently through various communication channels.

Centralization of various alarms

The Picasse system integrates all alarm systems, including nurse calls, fire alarm systems, building management systems, patient monitoring and infusion pumps.

Critical messages

With increasing automation and digitization, more and more systems are generating alarms. If these alarm systems are insufficiently integrated, the overview is easily lost. Picasse offers solutions for integrating and centralizing a wide range of systems at the customer’s site, as well as combining them with applications such as Building Automation Systems (BAS) and other, stand-alone solutions. Picasse offers a high-availability messaging-as-a-service (MaaS) solution that, in addition to sending messages, enables the implementation of emergency, alarm and messaging concepts with targeted escalation and stored alarm plans. Thus, the right message always reaches the right recipient quickly and reliably.

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