Security challenges at educational institutions

  • Facilities are often large and far apart.
  • Buildings are publicly accessible with little (structural) access control.
  • Staff and students walk in and out.
  • Employees work in different locations and have varying work hours and schedules.

In this complex environment, Picasse helps  secure an efficient and ready organization in case of incidents, disruptions, emergencies and crisis and helps to structurally reduce management costs.

A campus or corporate site is a complex environment for coordinating cross-company incidents and crisis. Mutual communication and cooperation is essential for rapid response. The flexibility of the Picasse platform allows the different organizations to quickly alert each other, connect with each other and provide information without the need for joint administration.

  • Automatic direct contact between organizations
  • Own or joint administration.
  • Linking with the various building-related (security) systems
  • Quickly inform everyone in the field.
  • Flexible interfacing with other call systems.
  • Multilingual support for international environments.

Instant insight into the number of responders
With the help of the attendance registration module, there is always a clear overview of the number of FAFS officers available in the premises. This is an indispensable functionality for many educational organizations due to frequently changing staffing (think: flexible schedules, vacations and classes in changing buildings). In the event of understaffing, the alarm system can automatically send an alert message so that the FAFS team can take preventive measures.

Emergency buttons for added safety
Unfortunately, (threatened) aggression is still a growing problem within many educational institutions. Teachers and students do not always feel safe as a result. Escalation of fights or bad news calls can be prevented by using Picasse’s wireless panic button. This button is linked to the alarm system and can be pressed discreetly for help. For example, an open voice-listening connection can be set up immediately so emergency responders can hear what is going on and intervene or reassure immediately. And can immediately send an SMS and/or push message with the location coordinates so emergency responders know where the incident is.

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