In construction, there are a number of factors that have a major impact on business success: (1) good business continuity to reduce downtime, (2) high efficiency in all processes, and (3) maximum safety and security for personnel and machinery.

Better security and continuity

In an increasingly connected world, this presents new challenges for critical communications; to get to the right person quickly and securely through the right channel, alerts from a wide range of systems and emergency calls from employees must be managed, processed and monitored.

Picasse is the system for lightning-fast communication with the right (groups of) people via GSM or DECT telephone in case of incidents and calamities within the industry. The reliability of the Picasse platform is very high because 4 channels can be used to send messages. There are several ways to send an alarm notification. They can be sent via SMS, a push message via the Picasse app, a phone call and/or an e-mail.

  • Send priority text or voice messages to (groups of) individuals with a single action;
  • Set up conference calls with a single operation, using intelligent routines the Picasse system can call available persons with needed specialties and add them to the group call.

The above can be performed fully automatically for incidents detected by linked systems (fire protection, building management, production systems, etc.). A link with a fire alarm control panel is certifiable in accordance with NEN 2575:2004.

Should its own communications and/or power infrastructure be disrupted due to an incident or calamity, Picasse uses its built-in cell phone module or emergency power supply as a backup. Because of its easy operation, no precious time is wasted in crucial situations. An important aspect of the system is the use of generic means of communication such as GSM and DECT telephone, so that investments in PZI (pagers, paging) can be omitted. Optionally, hybrid solutions are possible where PZI, postage and other systems are fully integrated.

Additionally, panic buttons are available for situations where it is not possible to make a call and/or notification via a telephone.

Within a manufacturing environment, there is a lot of focus on safety and continuity. Incidents can have major consequences for both the company and the external environment. Therefore, it is crucial to have fast and reliable communication in case of breakdowns and calamities.

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