Successful event Safety & Innovation

Last June 19, Picasse’s team attended the Safety & Innovation event in Zeist with its own booth. Many companies had traveled to the KNVB campus to attend the event. A great opportunity for us to make new contacts and hear more about the latest developments in our field.

A beautiful program

Day chairman Ellie Lust kicked things off and led the day in the right direction. The program included a variety of interesting workshops and activities. For example, Nico Kaptein gave a talk on dealing with new risks and threats, and Bas Westerweel touched the audience with an impressive workshop. In it, he recounted his cardiac arrest on the soccer field. Bas was lucky to have people nearby who knew how to resuscitate him. With his moving story, he made the subject very personal and concrete.

The importance of rapid alarm

Picasse’s innovative software ties in nicely with this. Director Rico Lammerts-van Bueren explains:

“You can have things set up so well on paper, but in a crisis situation it’s all about emergency responders being there right away. That’s why we held a number of live demonstrations to show how our software allows you to quickly raise the alarm via app, SMS, phone and mail. With our software, you can use all channels at the same time. This is important, because you want to reach as many people as possible so that help arrives quickly.”

Courtesy of the Safety Pyramid

The Safety and Innovation Fair is an initiative of the Safety Pyramid, which uses it to promote knowledge sharing and collaboration. As far as we are concerned, we certainly succeeded. Picasse’s team looks back on a particularly successful event.

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