Picasse registers you only when you are at work!

At Picasse, we value privacy. That’s why the Picasse app requests your location only when it’s really needed. As soon as you leave your work environment, we lose sight of you. Want to know exactly about your privacy and the location notifications you receive?

Privacy and location notifications

When you install the Picasse app, it asks permission to track when you arrive at your workplace and when you leave. We need this information to ensure that we call you only when you are in the area and to alert you if there are not enough people at a location to provide assistance.

To keep you informed about the information we collect, you will receive regular notifications on your iPhone (as of iOS 13). Every few days you get a pop-up with location notification. You will then see a notification and a map showing where and how many times the app has requested your location. The notification also explains why the Picasse app wanted to know your location.

If you find these location notifications annoying, you can turn them off as follows:

  • Open Settings
  • Go to ‘Privacy’
  • Select ‘Location Features’
  • Tap ‘Location notifications’
  • Turn off ‘Show map in location notifications’

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