Occupational safety during a pandemic

Working remotely is the new normal. Many employees work from home and only a small proportion work on location. An unintended side effect is that in the process, corporate safety is often compromised. Ranging from understaffing in the emergency response department (FAFS officers) to insufficient expertise in the event of an emergency. For example, what if an aggressive person enters the business or there is an accident at an employee’s home? What if you work in a remote location? And is everyone aware of new evacuation plans that comply with all corona regulations? These are just a few examples that companies must consider during the pandemic.

With Picasse, there is always someone nearby!

Employers are required to create a healthy and safe work environment, for employees on the premises, as well as those who work from home and lone workers in remote locations. Picasse’s system has an appropriate solution for every situation. Whether it’s personal panic buttons, incident alarms or automatic fall detection.

Always sure of adequate staffing

Whereas employees and especially FAFS officers used to register their presence by moving their slide on the attendance board, today this goes a lot easier and more efficiently. In fact, with Picasse’ s FAFS App, the presence of company emergency workers is automatically tracked and an automatic alert is issued in case of understaffing! This way you can be sure that there will always be sufficient staffing, even during the corona crisis. And if working from home remains the norm even after the pandemic, Picasse’s system offers the solution to ensure corporate security.

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