Personal alarms for emergency responders

Violence against emergency workers seems to be on the rise. Picasse’s solutions help general practitioners, nurses and ambulance personnel still provide the help they need!

Ambulance workers ask bystanders to make room so they can do their jobs. These, however, do not agree. What are these social workers interfering with? The bystanders refuse to cooperate and an awkward situation ensues. One of the ambulance workers discreetly presses his alarm button. The dispatch center receives the alarm and immediately switches with the officers who are already on their way. An additional police car is being arranged just to be on the safe side.

Our solution

  • Discreetly sound the alarm in threatening situations.
  • Prevent escalations through rapid intervention.
  • Connected to alarm center that can listen in.
  • Always your own alarm at hand, a safe feeling.
  • More focus on your actual job as an aid worker.

Our approach

We help you set up the application and workflow so that alarm signals get to the right party or parties. Before the system goes live, users test that everything is working properly. We can also provide training on the new way of working. No anonymous help desk for us. We believe in personalized service. If you have questions or problems, you can contact our knowledgeable staff immediately.

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