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Picasse offers a comprehensive platform for incident communication. We are used by a wide group of clients: large (inter)national companies, medium-sized companies, nonprofit organizations and governments.

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Picasse has been helping organizations with incident communication and risk management since 2001

Over the years, we have developed our own innovative communication platform in which security and continuity are paramount. We are proud that our first customer from 2001 (Kema) is still a satisfied user of our system.

At Picasse, we believe that organizations need one user-friendly system that informs individuals simply, securely and quickly about incidents and emergencies. In doing so, Picasse believes that the cell phone is the tool for receiving these messages.

A working method that unburdens

Picasse offers a comprehensive platform and services in the area of incident communications. We are used by a wide group of clients: large (inter)national companies, medium-sized companies, nonprofit organizations and governments. Our professionals have extensive experience in incident and crisis communications. In doing so, we draw on a rich source of knowledge and experience gained in a variety of organizations and markets.

Our process


Modeling communication flow & discussing integration needs.


Install tablets, buttons and necessary coupling systems.


Monitor availability of systems and users.

Our Team

Picasse’s team consists of knowledgeable, committed professionals who are dedicated to making our users’ work environments safer. Some of our staff members speaking:

“My colleagues and I try to listen as closely as possible to the specific challenges of each client. Because of our experience and the flexible design of the Picasse system, we can meet very different organizations’ needs for urgent communication. No company is the same, so we always provide a customized solution. It gives me great satisfaction that with Picasse we are making an important contribution to the safety of our customers’ working environment.” – Petra Veldkamp

“At Picasse, we value continuity and good user support. With our 24/7 monitoring, we can often already solve any problems proactively. Furthermore, our customers can always contact us with questions or problems. We usually solve most functional and technical issues directly using remote management. If that is not possible, we discuss the user questions with one of our developers. The most important thing is that the user is helped as quickly as possible.” – Bryan Schijff