Crisis and calamity management

Prepared for any crisis situation

The platform to coordinate efficiently & company-wide in the case of crisis

Quickly bring together the right decision makers and experts in the case of crisis and provide up-to-date information.

Crisis management is an early signalling, communication and efficient decision-making structure. The right people need to be informed quickly so that they can make the right decisions quickly based on the right information. Whether it’s fire, Security, PR, Picasse ensures communication is in control.

Picasse also helps:

How does it work?

There are many types of crises. For example, there may be a large fire, but an IT, PR, HR or legal issue can also threaten the survival of an organization. In some (potential) crisis situations, time is literally vital. In other situations, time is (slightly) less critical. Different types of crisis often require different people from the organization.

Call scenarios

Picasse uses scenarios to choose the right approach for each crisis situation. This allows predefined communication protocols to be executed at the touch of a digital button on the mobile phone.

For example, you can simultaneously press the button:

  • Call the local Crisis team and connect directly with each other via the radio function of our apps.
  • send an SMS to the Regional Crisis Team to notify them.
  • Send a voice message
  • send an email to the heads of department and inform the situation.

A parate crisis organization

A crisis requires a ready crisis organization. Of course, it is not possible for an employee to be available 24×7. That’s why Picasse uses groups. In Picasse, all potential CMT representatives are in groups. For example, there is a crisis management group, a crisis hr group, a crisis speech group, etc. Picasse calls one by one, one or more members of a group until all the important roles are fulfilled.

In addition to using groups, Picasse secures a ready organization by continuously monitoring whether the mobile phones can be reached. If CMT representatives are not available (for a longer period of time), the system tries to contact according to protocol and the Crisis Manager is informed.


In order to get the right picture of the situation and to be able to take the right decisions, information provision is of course crucial. Of course, the prepared plans, protocols and procedures play a major role in this. However, it is often necessary to have up-to-date information from other systems. For example, the stock status of hazardous substances in the case of a fire is important to choose the right approach. Picasse helps by making the right information available directly on the mobile phone of CMT representatives.


To make the right decisions, you need to consult. Picasse facilitates this consultation by automatically connecting CMT representatives. For example, conference calls can be set up automatically or the CMT members are put in direct contact with each other via the radio functions of our platform.