Crisis communication

Efficient communication and decision-making during crises

Switching and adapting quickly during a crisis is of significant importance. With Picasse, the internal crisis communication is in order and everyone is immediately aware of the latest updates.

What is crisis communication?

Crisis communication is the collection, processing and dissemination of understandable information about and during a crisis. 

Which also creates a crisis: from human action, (failing) technology or external factors. By bringing the right people together and informing them as quickly as possible, the crisis can quickly be back under control.

Having a good information position is   key! With efficient and decisive crisis communication, you can maintain control during a crisis and you can quickly respond to changing situations.

What it does

The Picasse crisis communication system ensures that:

  • The correct information is automatically provided in the event of a crisis situation;
  • The communication process is automated, with a focus on efficient decision-making;
  • Plans & procedures are tracked and readily available;
  • Real-time insight into the situation through analysis and compliance reporting;
  • We can quickly respond to inciping crises through various integrations.


Bringing right people together at the right time.


All important information collected and processed in one place.


Communicate efficiently and clearly to resolve the crisis as quickly as possible.

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