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Better safety with
efficient crisis communication

Better security and continuity within the industry with smart communication

Within a production environment there is a lot of attention for safety and continuity. Incidents can have major consequences for both the company itself and the external environment. It is therefore crucial that communication is communicated quickly and reliably in the event of disruptions and calamities.

Reliable & lightning-fast

Picasse is the system for communicating quickly with the right (groups) of people via GSM or DECT phone in case of incidents and calamities within the industry. The reliability of the Picasse platform is outstanding because 4 channels can be used for sending messages. An alarm notification can be sent via SMS, a push message via the Picasse app, a telephone call and an email.

  • Send penetrating text or voice messages to groups of people with one action;
  • Set up conference calls with one act, where the Picasse system can call and add to the group conversation with intelligent routines available for intelligent routines;

The above can be carried out completely automatically in case of incidents detected by linked systems (fire protection, building management, production systems, etc.). A link with a fire alarm plant can be certified in accordance with NEN 2575:2004.

If the own communication and/or energy infrastructure is disrupted by an incident or calamity, Picasse will use the built-in mobile phone module or emergency steam supply as a backup. Due to the simple operation, no valuable time is wasted in crucial situations. An important aspect of the system is the use of generic means of communication such as GSM and DECT telephone, so investments in for instance pagers are unnecessary. Hybrid solutions are possible where PZI, radio and other systems are fully integrated.

Convince yourself!

Find out what the system can do for your organization and ask for a demo on location.

Specific functionalities and solutions for the industrial sector

Integrations with machines

Automatically pass on maintenance notifications and machine failures to the mechanic on duty.


Setting scenarios for different automatic actions such as opening barriers and emergency exits.

Automatic alarm notifications

When reaching a minimum or maximum temperature or if an alarm goes off or a server fails.

Man-down procedure

Sending an automatic message via a man-down phone when a solo employee has an accident.