Fix disruptions quickly?

Technisch Beheer Nederland uses
Picasse for automatic
summons of engineers

Technisch Beheer Nederland uses Picasse to start communication actions as soon as systems or processes exceed pre-set values

What it does

The Picasse system ensures that sufficient qualified persons are always called in to solve a problem. Urgent system failures no longer need to pass through an emergency room, but are automatically routed to the right people.

Cost reduction due to automation

Faster response time through more efficient communication

No dependence on third parties (control rooms)

The situation

Technisch Beheer Nederland (TBN) maintains and manages technical installations for third parties, providing total care for the customer. Local building management systems are often used to control and monitor processes and systems. As soon as a building management systems detect a disruption to a system or process, TBN engineers are called in to fix the problem.


The problem

The calls of the engineers were previously carried out by an control room that had to be on standby 24 x 7. The building management system sent an e-mail specifying the problem to the employee of the control room. The employee then assessed the incident and then decided if and who to call.

This was a time-consuming and costly process and TBN was therefore looking for a way to automate this.

The solution

The building management systems now communicate directly with Picasse via email. Based on the e-mail address where the system sends the email, Picasse knows exactly what action is needed.

Picasse then ensures that exactly enough engineers with the right expertise are called into action. This all happens automatically, wherever or whenever the incident occurs.

The new process greatly reduces response time to incidents. They are now being resolved faster and at significantly lower costs.

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