Personal alert for caregivers

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GPs, nurses or ambulance staff. Violence against aid workers seems to be increasing. Picasse's solutions help you to provide the help you need!

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Our solution

Emergency aid worker

Paramedics ask bystanders to make room so they can do their job. However, they do not agree with this. Why do they need to listen?

It gets out of hand

The bystanders refuse to cooperate and a nasty situation arises. One of the paramedics unobtrusively presses his alarm button.

Help quickly responds

The dispatcher gets the alarm and immediately consults with police officers who are already on their way. Just to be safe, an additional police car will be arranged.

Our approach


Quick deployment

We help you set up the application and workflow so that alarm signals end up at the right batch(s).

User testing

Before the system goes live, the users test whether everything works properly. We can also give a training on the new way of working.

24/7 Support

No anonymous help desk for us. We believe in personal services. If you have any questions or problems, you can immediately contact our expert staff.

"Trust in Picasse. Picasse helps."

Picasse has been providing solutions for over 20 years that help you coordinate communication in case of incidents, accidents, disruptions and in crisis situations. Our mission is to help people.

We have great respect and pride in our users and we want to make sure they can rely on us. We pride ourselves on the trust of our customers and we like to help make their work environment and the world a little safer. We are proud of our staff who help others with great passion and dedication. We believe in a solution that ‘just works’ and is always there when needed. We’re always improving. For 17 years!