Crisis communication at colleges and universities

Efficient communication and decision-making

The complex environment in secondary and higher education requires a special approach to incident and crisis management. De campuses often cover large areas in which, sometimes risky, facilities such as laboratories, farms, medical centres, etc. are home. Many educational institutions consist of partial organisations and are closely linked to the municipality and city authorities. As a result, decision-making, communication and coordination in incidents and crises is a beautiful but complex challenge.

Picasse is supported by several large educational institutions in the Netherlands used as a flexible platform for communicating in crisis, incidents and disruptions. Picasse allows response teams quickly called and informed and they can communicate directly with each other. Both within faculties and organisation-wide.

  • Rapid and secure crisis communication through automated communication protocols.
  • Make the right decisions by automatically showing relevant information and plans on mobile phones.
  • A demonstrably ready crisis management organization.
  • Automatically consult and communicate directly for better image and decision-making
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The right people

at the right time

with the right information

quickly bring together

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