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The municipality of Enschede relies on Picasse in emergency situations

Together with many other municipalities, the municipality of Enschede – with great satisfaction uses Picasse to alert in-house emergency responders and aggression aid workers for incidents.

  • The Picasse system provides real-time insight into the presence of more than 300 emergency responders and aggression aid workers spread over twelve different premises.
  • In the event of an emergency, the emergency workers present are alerted at lightning speed.
  • As a result, aid workers respond more quickly and arrive on time.

High turnout of aid workers

Overview of first responders present

Excellent support

The situation

The municipality of Enschede is a large municipality with twelve buildings in Enschede and Losser. For the municipality safety is of paramount importance. They currently have more than 275 emergency responders, and some 200 aggression aid workers trained. Until 2014, pagers were used to call first responders.

Gemeente Enschede Gebouw

The problem

There were regular problems with the old-fashioned pagers so rescuers left them. The rise in calamities therefore left a lot to be desired. Moreover, the cost of the alarm system was increasing.

After an extensive market consultation and comparisons with other parties, the municipality of Enschede opted for the Picasse system.

The solution

The municipality of Enschede is very satisfied with the Picasse system. The system alerts the emergency workers present near the incident in a smart and convenient way. The turnout aid workers has improved enormously since the introduction of Picasse.

With the excellent and fast IT support of Picasse, the in-house emergency system of the municipality of Enschede is in good hands. The system is being expanded. In recent years, various links have been realized between fire alarms and the Picasse system, which means that the fire alarm is now very efficient.

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