Experience in every industry

from care, government to detention & industry

Industry and customer-specific solutions

Each organization has its own specific needs. For example, a paper manufacturer needs a link with the fire department and a municipality wants to be able to have panic buttons. The modular structure of our alarm system makes it possible to respond to all these situations.


For in-house emergency responders or nursing call systems or for incident reports of critical systems.


Better security and continuity with smart incident communication.


Reaching the right people quickly can be of great importance to easily settle incidents.


In case of incidents, detention staff should be able to communicate quickly and discreetly.


In the event of emergencies and disasters, careful, fast and reliable communication must be possible.


Building management and safety systems can be linked for a total solution. In order to be able to act so quickly in problem situations.


Being able to report and respond quickly and adequately in the event of an emergency is of great importance for safety.

Financial services

Interruptions and calamities can have major financial consequences. Good crisis communication is therefore of great importance.