Fast and reliable urgent
communication solutions

For every industry, we offer efficient and reliable solutions for urgent communication

Crisis communication

A gas leak, bomb threat or medical emergency? Picasse quickly assembles a crisis team in which all necessary roles are represented. All members are automatically added to a conference call.

Alerting in-house first responders

In case of dangerous situations in the workplace, in-house responders must act as quickly as possible. The Picasse system ensures in-house emergency responders are alerted fast and reliably.

System monitoring

A system failure can cause major problems. With Picasse, you can prevent that. As soon as the system notices that certain values have reached their limit, the right people will be notified automatically so that they can act accordingly.

Incidents & calamities

A medical emergency, fire or gas leak? It is important that there is rapid and adequate assistance on the ground. Picasse calls the first available experts, assembles multidisciplinary teams and provides periodic status updates so that everyone is aware of the state of play.