About Picasse

Passion for innovation since 2001

Picasse has been helping organizations with urgent communication and risk management since 2001

From the start we have used the mobile phone as the central tool for urgent communication solutions. As a result, we have taken a considerable lead over our competitors.

Over the years, we have developed our own innovative communication platform in which safety and continuity are paramount. We are proud that our first customer from 2001 (Kema) is still a satisfied user of our system.

About Us

At Picasse, we are convinced that organizations need a single user-friendly system that easily, securely and quickly informs people about incidents and calamities. Picasse believes that the mobile phone is the means to receive these messages.

Picasse’s team consists of experts, professionals who are committed to making our users’ working environment safer. A word from some of our employees:

Petra Veldkamp: “My colleagues and I try to listen to the specific challenges of each customer as best we can. Because of our experience and the flexible design of the Picasse system, we can provide all kinds of organizations with their specific needs for urgent communication. No company is the same, so we always deliver a tailor-made solution. It gives me great satisfaction that with Picasse we make an important contribution to the safety of the working environment of our customers.”

Hans Hendriksen: “At Picasse, we value continuity and good support for users. With our 24/7 monitoring, we can often solve problems pro-actively. Furthermore, our customers can always come to us with questions or problems. Most functional and technical matters are usually solved directly with the help of remote management. If this is not possible, we will discuss the questions with one of our developers. The most important thing is that the user is helped as quickly as possible.”

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