Orchestration of incident communication

Clear communication for continuity & safety

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Picasse helps with...

By linking (existing) systems, organisations and processes.

Quickly, automatically and easily track and call the right people in urgent situations

Based on the right information from various sources, act quickly and effectively.

Direct, focused consultation and quick decision-making.

Automatically recording actions and decisions for compliance and continuous improvement

Link external information for better decision-making and risk assessment.

Always up-to-date insight into (the preparedness of) rapidly changing organizations.

Case Studies

Picasse helps with...

Crisis communication

Convene the right crisis team based on the type of crisis and its impact on the organization.

System monitoring

For starting communication actions, as soon as systems or processes exceed preset values.

Major Incident Management

Picasse as a central means of communication for minimized consequential damage and rapid handling of incidents.

Incident communication

Multidisciplinary integral incident communication for cross-process and organisational incidents.

Crisis management

Quickly bring together the right decision makers and experts in the case of crisis and provide up-to-date information.

Picasse integrates flawlessly with: