Orchestration of incident communication

Clear communication for continuity & safety

Mobile applications for an organization-wide approach to safety & continuity

Picasse helps to communicate efficiently in case of incidents. Warn and contact the right people everywhere quickly and in a targeted way.

The mobile platform that helps to inform and coordinate with...

Picasse helps with signalling, alerting and communicating.

By linking (existing) systems, organisations and processes.
Picasse verbindt

Picasse makes it effortless.

To provide more safety, ensure continuity and limit damage.

Saving time

We make (maintenance of) labour-intensive and outdated call lists obsolete by calling people in groups according to predefined scenarios.

Care and convenience

We offer ready-to-use and easy-to-use tablets, apps, personal emergency buttons (with fall and still alarm) to alarm quickly and easily.

An organization ready for anything

Insight into availability and accessibility of caregivers, care workers, mechanics, IT personnel and members of crisis management & incident response teams.


We help create awareness and help people react accordingly. For example, we provide mobile call tablets for important places, and provide training and walk-in sessions.

Improved reaction speed.

We offer out-of-the-box integrations with safety systems, building control, IT and industrial monitoring systems so that calls can be initiated automatically.

Instant Information Provision

In case of a notification, we immediately send essential information. Think of location, nature and severity of the incident, relevant floor plans, security letters, manuals, procedures, protocols lists, etc.

Communication with large groups.

We help quickly inform employees, customers, clients, patients, residents via SMS and email.

Picasse helps!

by helping!

Picasse helps to quickly signal and respond.

By linking existing systems to mobile phones.

Rapid signaling of problems is essential to limiting damage. Picasse provides ready-made links with safety, building control, IT and industrial monitoring systems so that calls can be placed automatically.